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“Think of the mind as the surface of a pond – when the wind is blowing, the surface is disturbed and there are ripples. Nothing can be seen clearly because of the ripples; the reflected image of the sun or the moon is broken up into many fragments.”

This is so true – The last weeks have seen my coaching business developing, in line with my increased efforts on social media. I have new clients, and also returning clients who want to work with me again. But as I get busier its really important for me to keep focused on myself and my top priorities.  

“Scattered mental activity and energy keeps us separated from each other, from our environment, and from ourselves. The process of meditation slows down the the surface activity of our minds.”

Today I am taking time to meditate, and quiet my mind, to experience stillness and calm. I know I will be refreshed and rejuvenated if I do this for myself.  

(Quotes taken from the Zen Mountain Monastery