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I can spend a day working, or playing or lazing, and I feel just fine – but if I carry on day after day in that rhythm I eventually start to achieve less and less each day, and I begin to feel dissatisfied without really knowing why.

Whether it’s a work day or a weekend, I need a focus to my day, and I achieve that by setting goals and rewarding myself when I have reached my goal. Sometimes I need a goal to give me the motivation to get through a task; but my main goal is bigger; a long term plan; and I break it down into stages, clear milestones with a little bonus or reward when they are reached.

It’s a system which has worked for me for many years; When I gained weight after my baby was born – goal setting helped me lose 10kilos. When we were looking for a house to buy, goal setting helped narrow down the search and get us exactly what we were looking for. Setting goals helped me manage my career in finance and later start up my business and generate income.

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