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“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it” ~ Henry David Thoreau

I have met many wonderful people in my sessions. Each person is individual, they bring different dilemma’s to the meeting, but many are working very hard to create a freelance career as well as meeting family commitments.

One theme that predominated was a chronic shortage of money as they agreed contracts with low hourly rates, or which involved more work than they had estimated.

My question to each of them was did they know their own worth? And the answers were often very similar, here are some examples of work which is often not worth it:

  1. Someone approaches you to translate their website from Dutch to your native language. You are not a trained translator, so you don’t feel comfortable charging the official rate for the job, and offer a very low tariff for a lot of work.
  2. A friend has a shop and needs you to do a few hours a week so they can run errands. Its not official, so you feel you cannot ask for the normal hourly pay rate.
  3. You exchange babysitting duties with a friend so that you both have time for other things, but you seem to be the one left holding the baby, literally.
I could go on but you get my drift. Its time to start thinking about what you are worth, and that is why I think the quote above is very appropriate.
Every time you take on a job which does not satisfy you, whether you feel uncomfortable with your level of skills, under pressure to do a favour for a friend, or feel exploited in any way, you pay with a part of your self worth.
Its time to decide what is acceptable to you: the time you spend on these tasks can be much better spent on your building your freelance business into a profitable enterprise.
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