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stand out from the crowdDo you ever have those moments when someone asks what you do, and your mind goes blank – describing your job seems too complex, or explaining what your company does too vague. So you opt for the easy option and say brightly “I’m an accountant” or “I have my own company making widgets” and the conversation drifts on.
Its certainly happened to me in the past, and left me with the feeling I had missed an opportunity to promote myself; to stand out from the crowd.
I realised the only way to get round this was to combat my natural shyness, and really look at what message about myself I wanted to communicate to others. I am proud of my company, and what I have achieved. I love coaching, training and writing, I know I do a good job working with clients to build their confidence and mental strength. It was time to start communicating my enthusiasm and pride for what I do to others.
Once I had identified exactly how I felt about the messages I wanted to communicate, it became much easier to get those messages out there, and make valuable connections.
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