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This last week I was at a couple of meetings; a PR meeting for Het Anker where I have my practice, and our “intervisie groep” met at my house to share professional tips and work though a case study. (I’ll explain more about “intervisie” – a lovely Dutch term – in a later post)

At both meetings we talked about blogging, and the effectiveness of this as a way of reaching clients. As I have been blogging for years, not just here, but on a private blog I share with family and friends, I had a lot of things to say on the subject. Blogging for me is a way of putting my thoughts in order, I feel sometimes as if I am writing a diary; very often I have the feeling my posts are quite private, even though I know I do have a few readers!

I think for me the most important thing about blogging is writing from your heart. There are many informative blogs out there, I dip into them myself if I want to know how to do something, or get expert tips, but the blogs I go back to time and again are written with soul. I love this one I discovered recently and this one, but I also love

To go back to the meetings last week, I am pleased to announce one of my colleagues has started blogging since talking with me and I am really impressed with how quickly she got to work to produce a very professional looking blog I am looking forward to reading more of her tips.