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Why no posts for weeks, you ask, and I can give you a million answers! The truth though, is a writers block. And the truth about a writers block is that it is caused by fear.

And what is fear? Its just an emotion, the same as joy, or grief, or love. Why do we put more weight on a negative emotion than a positive emotion? Did someone say we had to be happy the whole of our lives? Can you honestly say you have been in love 100% of your life? Have you felt the bitterness of grief, but know that it will pass?

Fear is just an emotion, and a useful emotion at that. It causes you to pause and consider an action before you take it, stops you from taking physical risks which could injure you, helps to keep you safe. It also stops you from exploring possibilities and seeking new challenges.

So what was I so afraid of that stopped me from writing? When it comes down to it, nothing much. Anne and I had tried something new and the results were not as good as we had expected.

Instead of running our workshop in the weekend, we decided to run one on a weekday night. We advertised it, talked about it, and wrote about it, but for some reason there was very little interest. The participants who had signed up would have a less beneficial experience if the workshop was not well attended. We decided to change the date of the workshop, and hoped we were not disappointing the few people who had signed up.

Amazingly, as soon as we made this decision, people began to respond. We are now running “Stand out from the Crowd” at the ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam on Saturday 27th November, a time which seems to suit people much better!

So what exactly was I afraid of?

I was afraid of running a workshop which was not well attended, and taking the risk that participants would not enjoy it. I was afraid of admitting a mistake. I was afraid of talking about it. I am really happy with the action we took to change the date of the workshop. And whether this is quality writing or not – I am relieved that I have lifted my writers block!

The question is, how do we overcome our fears?

1          The first step is to admit your fear.

2          Verbalize your fear. This gets it out in the open where it can be dealt with.

3          Ask is your fear controlling your action or inaction?

4          Sometimes we cannot control our feelings, but we can always control our actions. It is a choice we all have!