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Free Focus Session

I had a Focus Session with Jane after a rough period in which I felt lost. I was amazed that she was able to distill so much from my (very short) questionnaire answers. She translated my feelings into concepts that I could deal with, from the get go. She also suggested that I try certain easy and concrete steps towards my goal, steps that I hadn’t even considered. She gave me the last push to have a difficult talk long overdue. In sum, her focus session really helped me move forward.


Career Coaching

I decided to invest in coaching when I was having a hiatus in my career. I also had to face the hard fact that my career opportunities would be significantly better by returning to the UK from NL. Through the 10 sessions, Jane coached me through re-evaluating my true skills and talents, how to use Linked-in effectively, and how to show the world who I really am, as opposed to doing the job I “thought” I should stick at. It has been a hugely enriching and rewarding process.

– Louisa.

Workshop Harness the Power of LinkedIn

Jane Stephenson heeft op mijn werk aan collega’s en cliënten een workshop gegeven over Linked In in relatie tot solliciteren. Zij doet het op een manier dat ze de deelnemers weet te enthousiasmeren en duidelijk informatie geeft. Wij maken er nog steeds gebruik van. Deze workshop is een echte aanrader!



“One session of equine coaching with Jane gave me a lot of clarity about my way of communicating. The surroundings at Broek in Waterland are lovely and working with Jane and Ulo felt like a very safe and gentle way of exploring this topic. It was also a lot of fun! Definitely something I would recommend.”

– Nada

“Getting coached by Jane and her horse Ulo is something special. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure how my business-related questions could be answered by equine-assisted coaching. I had already made the experience that horses react to body language and non-verbal signals but my questions were not about communication and leadership. Nevertheless, I gave it try and received much more useful insights in the end than expected. ………… All in all, I am happy to had the chance to get coached by Jane and want to strongly recommend her equine-assisted coaching to anyone dealing with questions around business issues, self-reflection, values, leadership and communication.”


LinkedIn Overhaul

“I am  enjoying my new LkdIn profile. I have to say I cherish it like it’s a new baby and every day I’m  getting new ideas about things I want to put in.” R


 “Ik heb mijn nieuwe foto op LinkedIn gezet. Wat vind je er van? Ik zag dat er in het weekend 14 mensen hebben gekeken naar mijn LinkedIn profiel. Dus kennelijk gebeurt er wel iets.” 


I often think back to our meeting and feel grateful for the confidence and insight it gave me. It has inspired me to reignite Pottery Tree and really focus on how we can make Workshop Factory successful. It worked! I started treating Pottery Tree as a real business and put the past behind me. It’s moving slowly but in the right direction. Workshop Factory is definitely picking up and has huge potential.


Exit Coaching

“Yesterday afternoon I got a phone call offering me the job. I think our work together and your help really put me in a good position and frame of mind to be able to land this. So a BIG thank you!!”