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Anne and I met the other day to finalise our presentation for our new workshop “Stand out from the crowd”. We had a great meeting, the time just flew by and by the end we both had a clear  plan of our tasks to complete before the workshop on June 12.

 We also had time to chat about how it is that some days are very productive, and other days it feels like we work  all day, with nothing concrete to show for it.

Amazingly, the same day I received an article from elance which really hit the nail on the head for me, and I recognised the six major productivity killers immediately!

1. Weak or Absent Goal Setting:

2. Sacrificing Your Health:

3. Freelance Working Style:

4. Playing the Victim:

5. Time Bombs:

6. Senseless Acts of Procrastination:

If you recognise any of these as pitfalls that stop your productivity read the original article:

Are You Killing Your Productivity? 6 Things to Watch Out For.