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When its hot and muggy, one part of me wants to lie in a cool shady spot and drink iced water; whilst another part of me feels the need to experience this heat to the utmost. Summers here are not long enough to make you forget how winter weather freezes water pipes and make driving hazardous.

How do I solve this dilemma? I get up early, and before the heat builds I can get as much work done as possible, then I treat myself to my cool shady spot during the hot afternoon, taking a siesta until the evening.

Sometimes coaching clients come to me with such a dilemma (not weather related for sure); their head tells them to do something, whilst their heart tells them to do something else. One technique which I find very effective is to ask my client to consider the problem from both perspectives.

For instance; I had a client who was sole proprietor of a small business. Her sensible business head told her she would make more money if she directed her services to the business sector; but she did not feel comfortable pitching to that environment, and continued to work with private individuals, for less reward.

In a single coaching session we set out the ground rules, and I asked her to put herself solely in the role of small business working with individuals. I then asked her questions which highlighted what her specific preference for this sector was, and why she felt very comfortable in this sector. Next I asked her to put herself in the role of the small business working with businesses. I asked the same questions, and so uncovered the underlying reasons that were holding her back from expanding into this sector.

The process we went though gave insights on both sides; I found that when she talked about her preference for working with individuals, her voice was softer, but more confident; talking about working in the business sector brought out a harder edge to her tone, and her self assurance lessened. What she found was her strength lay in  working with individuals, but she saw possibilities to begin expansion at her own speed, and the idea of approaching companies to sell her services did not seem so impossible any more.

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