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I collected my new spectacles on friday – bifocals this time, so I can read the product labels in the supermarket without holding the item at arms length! Its a wonderful experience to see the world through new eyes!
I was badly in need of a new prescription, and although the changing focus has taken a bit of getting used to, its a joy to be able to see the individual leaves on the trees, and read a book without first searching for my reading glasses. Everything is so much clearer now, but that includes things I was not aware of before and in fact do not want drawn to my attention now.

I was horrified to notice the cobwebs hanging from the oak beams in our living room, and the dirt on the kitchen tiles. But in a way its a bit like starting a series of coaching sessions. On the one hand, issues you want to address become clearer, and new possiblities and solutions present themselves, but on the other hand, some things you have been blind to become urgent issues to be tackled as soon as possible.

I’m off to find the feather duster, and some Vim for the kitchen!

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