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Yesterday I had a meeting with a client about how he can utilise facebook for his business and build a cohesive social media strategy. We had a sucessful session, and together discovered some great benefits which could be applied to his business.

It does seem, however, that time races on, and I feel I am constantly adapting to new ideas, new ways and new technology. As I was driving home through the Dutch countryside I was reminded of why I love my life. Standing in a meadow were four Spoonbills. (in Dutch their name is Lepelaars). 

These elegant members of the crane family are summer visitors to Northern Europe, and arrive very early in the season to mate and breed here. As my life has changed over the years; from working full time in a demanding job, through settling in our current home, to becoming a mother, to starting my own business, the Spoonbills have turned up every year, a symbol not only of spring but of continuity.

I always look out for them at this time of year and when I catch my first glimpse of them it really grounds me and I know that my world is great just the way it is.