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The past two weeks have been busy, and the recent warm spring weather seems to have given me added energy to focus my efforts on my business. It has meant that I have neglected my blog, but here I am ready to post again.
The major project that I have been working on with Anne Galloway of Power to Change is our book “Your Future”. The text has been back and forth to the publishers over months, going through edits and re-edits. Yesterday we finally signed off on the manuscript, and we are really happy with the results. Just a few more weeks and we will have an actual printed copy in our hands. Fantastic!
The next collaboration Anne and I are working on is our new venture “Two Motivating Minds”. We are setting this up as a way of bringing together all the coaching and training products we offer, including our workshops, and the new book “Your Future”. Of course every new venture needs a website, so I am in the first stages for the design now. I am happy with what I have produced up to now, but we still need a good logo so won’t be launching the website until we are completely happy with the results.
As well as this, I started to write for EzineArticles, and have published a few articles over the last weeks. There is a link to these articles in the sidebar of the blog, and I would love to have your feedback and comments on them. I will be producing more in the future.
The warm weather helps to get me outside too, and makes excercise much more enjoyable, so I’m feeling much fitter and energised.