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Procrastination. I am so easily trapped into it. If I have a task to do that I am not looking forward to, or that feels a bit scary, I have a million ways of putting it off.

I am not a lazy person, and my procrastination takes the form of fevered activity; I actually get a lot of things done whilst procrastinating about something. In the last few days I have cleared my husbands administration, done the pile of ironing that has been hiding in the corner of the spare room, planted flowers in the garden and prepared worksheets for client appointments. As I completed each task I got a glow of satisfaction, which almost, but not quite, masked the nagging guilt of the two tasks I have been putting off.

But the tasks I have been avoiding kept being brought to my attention.

A friend mentioned she was getting involved with a work group we both had heard about, and took it for granted that I was not interested. In fact the group did interest me, but I was hesitant to make the first contact.

My husbands administration may be up to date, but the blue envelop from the tax office which was my BTW kept surfacing as I sorted through the papers on my desk.

This morning as I switched on my computer I decided to tackle one of these tasks and the first small step was finding the work group on the internet. Once that was on my screen, it took a minute to send an email expressing interest.

Cheered by this small victory, I picked up the tax papers and read them, then realised I needed help from my tax adviser so sent another email to him.

As that winged its way over the ethernet, my telephone rang. It was the work group, to make an appointment with me for next week! I was writing the appointment in my agenda when the reply came from the tax adviser, telling me they had actioned my request.

I just checked my email log, and from sending the first email to receiving the last reply there was a gap of 26 minutes! See how productive I can be when I try!