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I remember when overwhelm was used to describe a feeling, or an action. Did you ever read a sentence such as “she felt overwhelmed by emotion”, or “The army attacked with overwhelming force”? it’s a powerful word, to be sure, but by its nature it describes a momentary situation, a passing phase.

Recently, I have seen it used more and more as “The Overwhelm” a noun, a tangible. It is especially used by coaches when they describe your problems that they would like to solve (and be paid to solve them). There have been books written with titles such as:

“An oasis in the overwhelm”


“how to manage the overwhelm”

When you think about it, using this powerful word as a tangible noun gives the impression that “The Overwhelm” is a fixed situation, it will not go away very easily and it cannot be removed from your life without help. (and paying hard cash!)

Isn’t it time we put this word back into its proper place, an excellent descriptive word used to describe a time of intense feelings, a time that will pass. Think about the last time you felt overwhelmed by circumstances, and remember when that feeling passed, and how much calmer and lighter you felt. Now that you have remembered that feeling, it will be so much easier not to make  “overwhelm” into a noun!

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