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Its a fact of life that the job market is difficult at the moment, and if you have been made redundant and lost your main source of income recently you are facing the reality of your situation daily.

People react differently to job loss, but if you recognise any of these symptoms in yourself its time to take action to take control of your situation, and utilise your talents for your benefit in the future.

  • Are you glued to the computer each day, every day honing your CV and professional profile without taking a break?
  • Are you scouring the job boards for anything which remotely resembles the job you have lost?
  • When you stopped working, did daily life get harder to manage, are you waking later, accomplishing less, not eating at regular times?
  • Are you putting on weight? or conversely losing it?
  • Have you stopped sporting and social activities you used to do in your free time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then today is the time to take action.

Today you are going to search for your sucesses!

Look back over your career and think about your accomplishments. Remember the times YOU did something extraordinary.

Here try to think about that word EXTRA-ordinary. or even extra-ORDINARY.

Your sucesses may be a ordinary thing that you made extra special. Remember when you provided your usual level of service to a client who benefited more than usual from it. Remember when you gave 110% one day to solve a problem for your company or a client. remember when you helped a colleague without them knowing it. Remember when a colleague thanked you because you solved something for them. I’m not talking here about achievements you list on your CV, I’m talking about the human moments you experienced in your working life.

And now remember how you felt at the time. Did you feel happy, proud, satisfied, tearful, warm, tender? Did you not think about your feelings then, was it “all in a days work?”

If so, add the feelings now, be Proud, be Happy, be Satisfied, be Tearful, be Warm, be Tender. You deserve those feelings!!!!!!!!!!

If you are in floods of tears now – I apologise, but its necessary. Its necessary for you to remember you are a great person, who does EXTRA-ordinary things.

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