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Enjoybecomingperfectly imperfectWe perfectionists are our own worst enemy; we want to do #TBJP (the best job possible) every time. We think it’s almost possible to be perfect all the time and fall into one of two traps:

ALMOST possible means that we may do TBJP most of the time, but we cannot bear the feeling of failure we have when don’t achieve this, so we procrastinate and put off tasks.

Almost POSSIBLE means we overdo things, doing too much, doing it all alone, checking and rechecking and doing TBJP but at risk of overwork and burnout.

So how do we get past this perfectionism?

By being perfectly imperfect, by just trying and failing, by learning from our failures, by learning to ask for help, by learning to delegate, for Pete’s sake, for accepting that we cannot have it all, do it all, and be it all without just about killing ourselves.

Now at this point I generally talk about a client who has this issue and how he / she overcame it at this point, but no; as you see I am talking about myself. I too am perfectly imperfect, and I do laugh at my failures, learn from them, accept my mistakes, most of the time.

But I sent out an email to several people which was less than perfect; it was my first mailshot. It was a mailshot to a new group of prospects, and it had errors in it; IT HAD ERRORS IN IT………

And yes, I had that feeling of failure, that embarrassment that the people receiving the email would think less of me, would never forgive me. The truth is I need to think better of myself, and forgive myself, the email is just an email, forgotten in a minute in overflowing mailboxes. I too am perfectly imperfect, and will laugh at this failure, too. (but not yet.)