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Live Like you are travelling by Alla feldman

Live like you’re travelling is a great e-zine. One of the creators of and writer for this e-zine is my very good friend, Alla Feldman. She is a super tenacious American, a real ball of fire and I love her and her work.

When she asked to observe one of my Equine Assisted Coaching sessions, however, it was a big leap of faith for both my client and myself. An Equine Assisted Coaching session becomes a very intimate connection between my horse and my client, and as such it often feels as if it is a very private experience

Using a horse as a coaching tool is extremely powerful and takes each client away from the traditional coaching environment of sitting in a room talking to their coach. Instead clients are out in the countryside and working with animals. the day Alla chose to observe my session was not, however, the most ideal. it was cold and damp with extremely strong winds blowing across the open polders. Walking along the dike road to the manege became a challenge in staying upright. Luckily we were able to use the indoor arena for the session and the photo’s.

After her visit Alla wrote a beautiful article for “Live like you’re travelling” about EAC or Coaching with Horses. I hope you like it too and you can read it here