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keywords imageImagine that your prospective employer is searching through LinkedIn profiles for just the person to complete a new dream team. Imagine that when they type their keywords into the search bar the person who comes top in the search results was you. How cool would that be?

And, more importantly, How do you make that happen?

When a member does a keyword search LinkedIn trawls the databases to find profiles which match the search. To climb to the top of the pile, you need to insert the keywords which describe you and your specialities in your “Summary”, “Career History” and your “Skills and Endorsements”.

So take a moment to think about it:

have you included the keywords relevant to your job search  in your  Summary?

Are your job titles generic, such as “manager”,  or have you expanded that title to read “Sales Manager European Telecommunication Industry” (or whatever makes your title unique to your expertise) in your career history,

When checking over your Skills and endorsements, do they include keywords? Remember you can reorder your skills sets to bring the skills you want to be endorsed for to the top of the list.

So now you know where to add keywords to be most effective – now the trick to get you to ranked at the top of the search:

  1. Make a list of your personal key words. Some of mine are: Communication coach, Career coach, Freelance Writer
  2. Go to LinkedIn and use the search function. Search for the keyword(s) you want to be found by. You get a list and now adjust this view to sort by keywords. Count how many keywords you find in the top ranked profile.
  3. Edit your profile and make sure you exceed the amount of keywords the top ranked profile uses. Remember:
    • Current and Past Experience hold a lot of weight.
    • Be sure to include your keywords in the skills and education section as well.
    • Make sure you have a least a couple of recommendations for jobs that have your keywords in the title.

Could it be that simple? try it and see. I would love to know how you get on.  Happy job hunting!