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“Lets trade” is the forth personal communication style after the strategies of “Run Away” “Go For it” and “Yes Boss”
I’ve got more confidence than someone who is a yes (wo)man, and I am more cooperative that the go getter, so trading is well within my comfort zone. I am reasonable, I listen to the other person, and I make concessions in order to reach agreement. I am an accomplished trader, and as I write this I feel my halo glowing above my head!
As a strategy it works best when there is little time, and there are immediate benefits for both sides. But although it seems that trading is a solution to a conflict, do you sometimes have a sneaky resentment when you think about what you had to give up to reach agreement? So what can you do to get rid of resentment?
In our workshop “Say it with confidence” you will learn how to take your trading skills to the next level and become an accomplished negotiator.