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Networking, its the way to develop your business, the best way to get your brand out there. With the start of the new year, I’ve been reviewing my business plans, and thinking about ways of developing my coaching practice. There are so many tools to help me develop my networks, Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn being a few social media platforms I can use.
But it came to me that my network is very organic, I do make use of these online tools, and they are able to tell me how many connections I have made, how many hits to my website there have been, but my whole network is not measurable; it’s the people in my street, it’s the guy I know in the greengrocers, it’s the parents of my kids friends.
My network is made up of people, each one as important as the next, and I love to grow this network organically! I’ve posted one example of my organic network in operation on my blog here.

So are you an organic networker? I would love to hear your stories, make a comment on my blog!