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CIMG2160I’ve been involved with horses for many years, as rider, carer and owner and and I finally decided to combine my two passions of coaching and horses. I am beginning a course at the Chiron Center in Schermerhorn in order to add coaching with horses to my current coaching packages.

Horses help ground me, they refresh me, if I have something that is worrying me then an hour at the stables will bring me back to the present and generate energy to look at the problem in a new light. I want to help my clients (those who would like to try this out!) get the chance to experience this too.

Of course, as any qualified coach knows, there is a great deal of self reflection built into any good coaching course, being in touch with your own feelings is the best way to empathise and understand the others viewpiont.

Last week I went for my intake session, where we drank tea in the tackroom and watched the horses outside freely grazing as they wandered between their open stall and the paddock beyond. We talked about my ideas for incorporating this technique into my current coaching practise, and we talked about what I feel my strengths are; and also which strengths did I feel I needed to improve.

This is always such a sticky question, its hard to remember them, and its never easy to name them; what if the person you are telling won’t like you anymore when you tell them what your weak points are? so I named a couple (no I am not going to list them here!) and we moved on. The rest of the intake session went well, and I will be startin g the course in a couple of weeks.

I went home and sat at my desk; where this piece of paper with huge letters on was staring at me. It said:

“stop overthinking things!”

Of course how could I forget my biggest weakness? The reason I need horses in my life in the first place. So. am I over thinking it if I mail Cynthia and let her know my biggest weakness several days later? or is that just my biggest weakness manifesting itself and I need to learn to let it go?