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This week I looked forward to two new clients, both teenagers. The first appointment was on Tuesday at midday, because she had a day free from school. 12 oçlock came and went, and no sign of the client. At 12:30 I rang her mobile to be greeted by the message: “after the beep you know what to do”. She finally rang me at 6p.m., having completely forgotten the session. Its rescheduled for Saturday.

The second appointment was Thursday at 3.30p.m. Again no show. One hour later he turned up, completely unaware that he was one hour late! thats teenagers for you! 

Teenagers forget appointments, report cards and letters from school. They can’t live without their phone, but forget that too. they take over the TV, the computer, the couch. They empty the fridge of all snacks and drinks. Rush home for meals but leave in a hurry, go late to bed then sleep until noon.

But they are true to their friends. All secrets are safe from parents and teachers. It may seem as if they never communicate with you – but they spend hours on their phones with their mates.

And they do care! A half-tidied room, or a move to help clear the table may happen spontaneously. When they are tired and its cold outside they still want to watch TV with you. And sometimes, rarely, you get a kiss as they leave, or “I love you”.

Do you appreciate your teenagers?