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Im fine

Is this how you answer people when you don’t want to talk about what’s really going on? Of course you don’t have to tell everyone your business and you don’t have to burden other people with your worries, but sometimes it becomes a stock answer, and you learn to never show people what’s really going on inside. This avoidance, this refusal to let anyone know that things aren’t fine is incredibly damaging behavior. Take a moment to think about what you are bottling up.

Fearful: what are you fearful of? That people will judge you because your life is not perfect? that it is shameful to admit to a difficult marriage, a kid that acts out, a salary that does not cover the bills, or an obsessive habit that running out of control? Those same people you are too scared to answer honestly have their own imperfections, if you open up you may find a kindred spirit.

Insecure: why? Are you facing something new? Has something happened recently which makes you feel your old certainties are shifting? Tell someone. they may know someone who can help make the new situation easier to handle.

Nervous: in what way? Is it a fleeting nervousness, stage fright before a performance , presentation nerves? Or is it more fundamental, and stopping you from sleeping soundly, or daring to tackle something new? Tell someone, not the whole world, but someone.

Emotional: do small acts of kindness make you feel tearful? Are you moved by TV programs or clips you view on internet? Sometimes the feeling of no longer being in control of your emotions is the trigger which helps you to ask for help.

Being courageous enough to reach out to one person and tell them how you really feel is your first step to breaking out of old patterns. You don’t have to do everything yourself, you can accept help when it is offered. Is it time to move forward to a new and more open existence?