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Blackberry, iPhone, Galaxy Siii, ipod, ipad, or a tablet from google or microsoft. As parents we may know what they are, we may be able to use them, but once we hand one over to our teens have we any idea where they take our kids?

Do we know where they go on the internet, what games they play, what programs they download? Do we know who their friends, fans and followers are?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, its time to open a dialogue with your teen and start to find out. There are many facets to this subject, and your teen is more than likely way ahead of you in their use of the internet. So how to begin without seeming like a caveman who has just discovered the magical properties of fire?

A great introduction is to start to talk about chosing strong passwords. (Or do you always use the pets name as your password?) A strong password should be a combination a letters and numbers, with a few extra characters such as !?* or $ thrown in. You really  should avoid recognisable family names   

So sit down with your teen and make a game of thinking up great, strong passwords which will be remembered. One good method is to take a phrase and take the first letter of each word. then add a number, too, and and exclamation mark.

for example : I hate french lessons at 10 on mondays, becomes ihfla10om! That should be very difficult to hack!

But why is password security so important? I’ll be giving some reasons in my next blog. In the meantime, talk to your teen and find out what they consider a strong password technique, and feel free to share your ideas in the comment section.