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UloLast winter, when our horse Ulo was stabled the whole time, she became very eager when we were excercising her, and really a bit of a handful. In order to get her to listen to us, we changed her bit, using a slightly thinner snaffle. This did the trick, and she became much more manageable.
As the summer came, she went out to grass, and relaxed a lot. We did not think to change the bit back, however, until she got a little wound near her mouth, which needs time to heal. We tried her with the old bit, so that the pressure was relieved, and she let us know immediately how happy she was with the change – she really likes that old bit!
So whats this to do with horse and leadership? Well we need to be the leader, the one in charge, in order to develop a willing happy manageable horse. That does not happen without listening to our horses needs too. As managers and leaders of people we need to ensure that procedures and rules that we put in place are reviewed regularly, to make sure that they are still effective.