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Sometimes when I’m starting something new, I get a moment (and not always a short moment) of fear. It charges through my body and my thoughts and it can shake me deeply if I let it. But this feeling reminds me that I am growing, changing, and trying something new. The steps I am taking are positive, and the feeling of fear that goes with them is a positive feeling.

I guess what I am trying to say is to change your attitude toward fear. Fear means you’re growing. Every time you stretch yourself, or take a risk, you’re going to experience some anxiety. So fear itself is not the issue. Fear doesn’t make you a coward. There’s nothing wrong with being afraid. Fear only becomes an issue when it paralyzes you and prevents you from doing something you really want to do. Besides, if you’re not afraid at times, it just means that you’re not stepping out of your comfort zone and living large enough.

Accepting that fear is not an automatic signal to retreat, means that it becomes a sign to take action. If the positive feeling of fear connects to growth, why would you want to avoid it completely? Instead, think of fear as a indication of your personal development and view it as a companion to your exciting life.

Another thing, once you take action, your fear goes away. Staying safely in your comfort zone can leave you with a greater sense of dread because you have never faced your fear, and your fear grows into an unmanageable monster.

Tackle your fear by taking a small risk every day. I don’t mean taking foolish chances, that way you just get an adrenalin rush, but the fear stays with you. But taking a well-thought out risk will make you feel great. And even if it doesn’t work out, at least you’ve made an effort. You are not made powerless by your fear.