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I introduced free focus sessions in July, and I have met some wonderful people. Everyone I met was different, and had different dreams, but one common theme occurred, that I think deserves studying more deeply. Many people felt that they had a chronic lack of time to pursue their own dreams while looking after small children, managing the household and working.

This issue really resonated with me, I too spent years juggling work commitments, childcare and studying for a degree. I felt that only way I could succeed was to compartmentalise my day, and take each precious moment for myself that came along. I studied on the bus on the way to work, I wrote essays in the evenings when my baby was asleep, and revised for exams in the playground with hundreds of children running round me.

This month as I talked to people in focus sessions it became clear that many had no clearly defined space to work, making it doubly hard for them to take those moments for themselves. In these cases the first action step is to create that workspace! You really deserve it.

Look around your house, is there an area or even a room which you use as a dumping ground? Somewhere for the laundry to dry on wet days, a place for suitcases which are not in use. Maybe your husbands tools are scattered there, or the big toys the kids can only play with occasionally?

Why not make that area your own? You have more worth than the clutter in there at the moment, and imagine what it would be like to sit down at a desk or table to create something for yourself. (I am willing to  bet there is already a table or desk in there under the junk.)

So I know its hot, and of course you have very little time, but take 15 minutes a day this week to clear up that area, set up your laptop or tablet there, move your craft items onto shelves next to or above the table. Be inspired to add a small plant or a bunch of fresh flowers, place a picture on the wall. Create this space, no matter how small, and no matter how little time you have, and you will be able to take the next step towards your goal!

I was really inspired myself by the people I met on these focus sessions, and I am continuing to offer a limited number in the future. If you would like to meet me, to find the first step towards your goal, then email me at

two comments I received in the last weeks:

  • Thank you for the wonderful session yesterday. I came back home feeling much lighter, happier, more confident and definitely more focused. You made me believe that I still have a lot of options and not all doors are yet closed.

  • Talking to you has given me at least the guts to talk to my ………………… about separating and believe me, I think we were both relieved! So thanks, it worked.

And finally as a shameless plug, I am crediting the photo to Aileen Martinia at a really talented young designer, who will expertly turn your home’s neglected space into a beautiful living area, if you feel you do not have the time to do it yourself.