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Whether we are promoting our business, or promoting ourselves in order to succeed in our career, we are constantly told to impress on people we meet how our unique selling points can add value to their business. Yesterday I met  teenager who could put us all to shame, simply by telling me what he was absolutely passionate about.

He was tall and awkward, a little spotty, and not very articulate, but absolutely clear on what he wanted to study and why. With one simple question from me

“what are you thinking of studying in college?”

He gave me an unhesitating answer which covered what he would study, why he would study it, what he hoped to do with the qualification short term, and longer term. This is what he told me.

He wants to do Sport Sciences because le loves all sport, although at present he is actively involved in soccer and fitness training. When he has finished his training he thinks he would like to work as a school sports coach, and has recently done volunteer work at a school in the neighborhood. When he is older he would like to open his own sports school.

I was very impressed with him; his simple way of telling me what he is loves doing, and how he will turn this into practical paid employment made his story instantly memorable, and quite charming.

For me it was an object lesson in powering your pitch with passion (alliteration, I think!). Could you do it as well as him?