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I chose Knowboundaries as the name for my company by doodling possible names on a notepad the googling them to see if the domain name was available. There were other contenders, but when I knew that knowboundaries was available I was thrilled as it just felt as if it was the perfect name! So I bought the domain immediately and trotted off to the Kamer van Koophandel to register my baby!

All that was in 2007 – but was only when I started the whole social networking thing, did I start to understand the possibilities. I’m a member of Linkedin, the professional internet networking site, and later I was able to open a company page for knowboundaries too. When it came to Facebook it was another matter however. I made a profile as Jane Stephenson, then kind of forgot the login, and did not use the site at all. When I started to get friend requests, I was stumped, as I could not log in to accept them! The best solution for me was to start a new profile, and get all my friends to move over to that. Once Facebook created the possibility to have business pages, I opened my knowboundaries FB page too. Since then both platforms have become a huge source of business for me. However,

Not long ago I was contacted by a stranger, not very pleased that I had taken the name of his hiphop band which is, can you guess, Know Boundaries! He seemed to think we would have legal problems, but really there is no such thing as global copyright, and a band in Wisconsin is a very different kettle of fish from a coaching company in the Netherlands!
I do apologise to the band member who wrote to me – Clark Eden Gable. I love the name, but surely I have heard it somewhere before?