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starting blocksI have talked about fear before, how starting something new can feel as if I am literally holding my breath, how sometimes we get stuck in a pattern or system we are afraid to break out of, how the idea of introspection can give the feeling of opening a can of worms. For some people fear of failure is a huge barrier to a successful life, keeping them from taking risks and moving into new ventures.

If you think about it fear of failure is simply your THINKING stopping you from DOING. So lets think about that thinking.

  • Are you too stressed in exams or interviews to concentrate on the task in front of you?
  • Do you get “stage fright” when you have to present in front of an audience?
  • Does your body seize up when you have to perform the sport you love in public?

So what steps can you take to turn these thoughts around?

First – It is important to understand that starting something new is a learning process, you are not an expert at the beginning of a new project, but by the end you could be the world expert in that particular topic.

Second – think about the messages you send yourself. Are they positive or negative? Do you start off with the thought that you will not able to do something? Changing these thought patterns can be done actively or passively. For instance take action by changing a negative thought into a positive affirmation, writing the affirmation down, repeating it to yourself at every opportunity. Or you can simply acknowledge the thought and accept it as a thought and not a reality. After that, taking action is an opportunity to prove that the thought is not true.

Finally  – know that its normal and healthy to feel some tension and stress before you do something new for the first time, whether that is taking an exam, or going for an interview or performing in public. Your body produces adrenalin which evolved to keep you focused and alert. You can use that adrenalin in a positive way to enhance your performance rather than feeling frozen by fear.

If you recognize yourself and your feelings in any of these situations try taking these three steps to turn the thoughts blocking your progress around. Or contact me to talk about it further.