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Is there anyone who has not taken the option to avoid a conflict situation in the workplace? I know I have done this. I also know people who do this all the time: “Run Away” from a problem that needs to be addressed.
But when is it good to run away, and when should you stand your ground? Avoidance can create conflict or make a heated situation worse. But on the other hand avoidance can be of benefit to you if you are not part of the problem or part of the solution.
Ask yourself what are you running away from? If the answer is that you are uncomfortable with your feelings around the conflict, take a moment to find out why. Are you fearful of the reaction if you dare to say something? Are you fearful of showing your own emotions in this conflict situation? Is your confidence low and you don’t think you will be heard if you do speak out? If these questions apply to you, then its time to ask for help in conquering your fears and raising your confidence levels.
On the other hand – if you feel the conflict is nothing to do with you, then good – it is not always your responsibility to “fix” every conflict that arises in your home or workplace.