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When I started my coaching business in 2006, I never thought I would need to rebrand my business. It seemed counterproductive.

I felt I had put everything together in the best way possible. I had excellent coaching qualifications, and my coaching skills were well developed throughout years of voluntary work in the family sector as well as building skills throughout my coaching course. I had a great location for my coaching practice, and an attractive website, which explained who I was and what I did, and all that in two languages.

But I saw that my website became less and less effective, as Google search engines bypassed the shop window to my business which was looking less stylish and more old fashioned every year.

Business started to drop, and although I had clients from referrals, and returning clients, eventually no new clients found me. You know what people say about change – its only possible when the current situation is too painful. Believe me my business (or lack of it) was causing me pain. Changing things was the only way forward!

2012 was going to be different! I decided to design and build a brand new website, but I knew I needed more than just a website, I needed a business revamp, a makeover, a rebranding.

Now I am no marketing expert, and I certainly could not afford to pay someone to help. No one invited me on one of those business makeover  programs such as “ Queen of Shops” or “Tabitha’s salon take over” either, so I had to think for myself.

  • I looked at all the products I had ever offered to my clients.
  • I streamlined those products into easy to package steps.
  • I bundled those steps into neat packages with a simple clear pricing structure
  • I looked at my past client list, and really tightened my niche market.
  • I made my website simple, clear, and really social media friendly, so my messages could be spread quickly and effectively.
  • I used social media channels effectively to contact my growing social media list

And it worked! I now have a growing client list and my revenues are increasing.

Is your business struggling in this economic climate – are you wondering how to develop your client base? Think about rebranding your business. It worked for me, and I would love to help you make it work for you too. contact me on for a free first consultation session.