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Personal Career Coaching

Career transition or job search, choose the package that fits you best.

Whether you are looking for new opportunities in your chosen career or considering a transition to something new, working with me means you don’t have to do it alone.

I tailor my packages to your specific needs, and as we work together you will feel your confidence levels rising and stress levels reducing as you can begin to clearly see a way forward. Choose your package and we can begin working towards your goals.

Career Transition Package

Considering a career change is huge. My clients come to me for many reasons. Some are in work now and afraid to rock the boat by jumping into something new. Some have faced redundancy and somehow feel there has got to be a better way to earn a living, and some are considering returning to work after an extended absence.

my career transition package is designed to help you:

  • visualise your dreams as goals
  • discover your strengths and values
  • plan the first steps on your pathway


Intensive one-on-one LinkedIn and CV overhaul

My most popular package: an Intensive one-on-one LinkedIn and CV update session at your home. The aim of the training is to have a completed profile and understanding of how combining this with your CV would help develop your business network after a full mornings (or evenings) work.

What you get.

  • A fantastic up to date profile
  • a CV that sync’s with your profile – the complete package.
  • Excellent ideas to expand your network,
  • Tips to nurture the network you already have
  • Tricks to make the Linkedin database work for you
  • my handbook “Harness the power of LinkedIn” packed full of tips and tricks so you can continue using LinkedIn to the maximum after the session is over.


Job Search Package

I designed this especially for those clients who are in a hurry.

  • You’ve seen a great job,
  • The deadline to get your application is in a few days,
  • Your CV is ready but you really want to nail this.
  • Help is at hand!

Together we can review your CV and motivation letter so it resonates with the recruitment companies, then brush up your interview skills. Because it’s urgent we do this all in two 90 minute sessions.

Practicalities for each package

I prefer to deliver my personal career coaching packages in one-on-one sessions, either at my offices in Amsterdam, or in the comfort of your own home. If time is short, and you have difficulties travelling we can also meet over Skype or ZOOM.

I know that you do most of your thinking and growing after our meeting, so I encourage you to keep in contact by email or phone as your ideas develop, so we can both prepare thoroughly for our next session together. Clients who work with me know that I put their needs first and the outcome of the coaching will always be right for them at that time.

I ensure it’s easy to make the payments, too; by bank transfer or credit card. We can also discuss a payment plan.