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Executive Coaching

New role? New challenge? Changing times? Become a more effective leader; and focus on your goals..

Look back on your career, see how far you have come! Great, isn’t it?

But do you remember when you first started work and it was easy to forget problems as you piled into the pub with your colleagues on a Friday night, or bitched about the “supervisor from hell” in the coffee break.

Leadership and Goals

Now you are a leader within your organization. You need to translate the goals of the organization to the workforce while ensuring your personal goals don’t take a back seat.

Think of leadership as a series of relationships, sometimes between two people, sometimes you are leading a group. As leader you need to understand the relationship dynamics in order to influence these people towards your goals and the goals of the organization. When relationships are strained, you have less power to influence a situation, and achieve your goals.

Leadership and work/life balance

There is more to life than work, I want to help you bring balance back into your life and allow you to take a step back and evaluate the current situation. Together we will clarify your goals, and work on ways to implement them.

Working with me can bring new insights to your situation, help you reduce your stress levels, and solve problems which seemed at first intractable. Transforming not only your work but your life and giving yourself the room to grow and develop. I will support you to become a better influencer, a more effective leader.

Leadership and equine assisted coaching

Discover your leadership style in a unique Equine Assisted Coaching session. EAC is a powerful coaching tool. It brings new insights into issues you are facing such as setting boundaries, developing self-confidence, learning assertive communication and discovering leadership skills. I offer the option to include one or more of these sessions in your executive coaching package.

So if pressure of work is affecting you and you need a listening ear, a discrete confidante, an unbiased sparring partner, I can work with you to help you:

  • take the next step in your career
  • grow into a new role
  • deal with specific blocks to your career

As an executive you have a demanding schedule. We can book sessions around your travel and work plans, meeting as frequently as you feel will benefit you. one-on-one sessions, either at my offices in Amsterdam, or in the comfort of your own home. If time is short, and you have difficulties travelling we can also meet over Skype of Google+. Of course, the equine assisted coaching sessions cannot be held virtually; and I use the lovely location of Manege de Drie Merrien in Broek in Waterland, which is a short distance north of Amsterdam.

I know that you do most of your thinking and growing after our meeting, so I encourage you to keep in contact by email or phone as your ideas develop, so we can both prepare thoroughly for our next session together. Clients who work with me know that I put their needs first and the outcome of the coaching will always be right for them at that time.