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Corporate Coaching

The core of an organization is its people. Ensure your executives grow with your organization.

Knowboundaries strongly believes that the core of an organization is its people.

It takes more than a good remuneration package to keep a talented executive and each needs to be developed to bring their best to the organization.

Executive coaching - Developing leaders

Executive coaching must meet the needs of your organisation. Leadership development is a mindset shift that moves someone from needing to be managed to being able to independently achieve your company’s targets and goals. Knowboundaries helps to clarify your company goals and aids your executive to realise the skills and tools needed to meet those goals, supporting them in their development process

Executive coaching - Ripple effect

Offering your leaders and executives coaching designed to bring about a more effective, healthier organisation will spread the benefits down through your company as their performance improves. A true leader works to develop their team and coaching gives them a whole new set of skills and tools they can apply to other people in the organisation. The improved interactions cause a ripple effect down the organisation. Executives using the coaching tools on a day-to-day basis  enhances the performance of their people.

Why Executive coaching and not training?

The nature of training and workshops means that everyone learns the same set of material, Coaching, on the other hand is specifically tailored to your executive with the objective to help a successful leader become even more effective. A typical executive coaching course would comprise 10 fortnightly one-on -one sessions.

Knowboundaries works to emphasise your executives unique talents and abilities as well as tap into their potential. We challenge them and help them change their behaviour, be open to change, to step-up, and accept greater responsibility.

Exit coaching

Sometimes specific roles become surplus within an organization. Corporate responsibility means that offering exit coaching is the ethical step to take.

We provide a step by step solution to your exiting employee, giving them confidence and practical skills to move forwards to a new future. Typically this would be a coaching course of 10 sessions, but can be tailored to meet your organizations needs and resources.

Where do the sessions take place?

Your executives have a demanding schedule. We can book sessions around their travel and work plans, meeting in one-on-one sessions. The Sessions can either be held in-house, or at my offices in Amsterdam. If time is short, and they have difficulties travelling to meet me we can also use Skype of Google+.

I know that clients do most of their thinking and growing after our meeting, so I encourage them to keep in contact by email or phone as their ideas develop, so we can both prepare thoroughly for our next session together.

Your organisation is unique – there are no off the peg solutions.

Knowboundaries is a preferred supplier for several international companies and NGO’s. offering executive coaching, exit coaching and group training. Each organisation is unique, with its own culture. Structure and rules. It would be misguided to offer a one size fit all off the peg coaching solution. If your organisation is interested in using knowboundaries as a tool to develop their executive talent please contact me here: