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coaching services overview

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

William Shakespeare

You have always loved work and enjoyed life, your career encompasses great jobs, interesting business concepts and also time out; for travel, childcare or simply unemployment. Now it is time for change.

Change is exciting, brings new opportunities, new challenges, new avenues to explore. You want to make the most of these changes and you know that once you have done so you will reach the next level. But it is frustrating, confusing and time consuming, you are not sure that you will make the smart choices, the right choices for you if you do this on your own.

This is where I can help you make those choices. Together we can examine your dilemmas, uncover your ultimate goal, face your roadblocks and overcome them with practical sustainable skills that you can use for the rest of your life.

My packages are compact and affordable, designed to stand alone or be combined to make sure you have all the tools you need at your disposal to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

What I offer – one-on-one coaching packages. My coaching falls into three categories:

Personal Career Coaching

Whether you have chosen to take that step up in your career, or you have had the choice made for you, having coaching support brings out the greatness in you.

Executive Coaching

new career challenges ask for clear leadership skills, working with me helps you to keep the focus on your personal and organizational goals.

Corporate Coaching

support your key executives to help your organization become great. Knowboundaries offers both Leadership development coaching and exit coaching.

How I work

We work together to find out what your true goals are, and why you want to achieve them. We find out what your strengths and skills are and how you can use those strengths and skills to achieve your goals.

I know that you do most of your thinking and growing after our meeting, so I encourage you to keep in contact by email or phone as your ideas develop, so we can both prepare thoroughly for our next session together. Clients who work with me know that I put their needs first and the outcome of the coaching will always be right for them at that time.

In 2015 I introduced Equine Assisted Coaching as a powerful coaching tool. Clients find it brings new insights into issues such as discovering leadership skills, learning assertive communication, setting boundaries, and developing self-confidence.

Where I work?

I work with both individuals and organizations, Sometimes I give group workshops, but mostly I work one on one with you, meeting at my offices in Amsterdam or a place of your choosing face to face or working together on Skype or Google+.

I hold my equine assisted coaching sessions at Manege de Drie Merrien in Broek in Waterland, which is a short distance north of Amsterdam.