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Equine Assisted Coaching

I bring horses into the coaching experience because they are very sensitive to human emotions, and can mirror your feelings in their body language. A horse’s reactions to your actions give insights into how you act in different situations, and can help you think of ways to change. We work with my horse Ulo, or one of the other ponies available at the stables. All the exercises are carried out using “groundwork”. Which means you are safely on the ground and the horse is working with you. Equine Assisted Coaching is a powerful coaching tool. It brings new insights into issues you are facing such as setting boundaries, developing self-confidence, discovering leadership skills, and learning assertive communication. When you choose to book an equine assisted coaching session then we use the lovely facilities at Manege De Drie Merrien located at Broek in Waterland, about 10 minutes north of Amsterdam by car. There are buses running every 10 minutes to the village centre and I can pick you up from there to bring you to the stables.

Leadership Skills Coaching

We are all capable leaders, talking about leadership skills coaching may seem misleading; the problem some people face is they do not see that there are several effective leadership styles, and everyone practices two or three of these styles unconsciously whenever necessary. Coaching leadership skills, however, helps you to become a more effective leader, by recognizing the full range of leadership styles, and knowing when to access them when they are needed so you can get the job done. Often when I talk to clients about leadership, they claim not to be a leader; they work alone, and have no people reporting directly to them. When delving further, it becomes clear that they operate situational leadership, taking control and influencing others when necessary to reach their goal or the goal set by the organization.

Goal Setting Coaching

Goals, we all need them, and we all have them, but do we always reach them? And what do we do when we fail to achieve them? Goal setting coaching helps you identify your true wish list, and become inspired to convert these wishes into goals. Once the goal is established, we work together to plan the next steps, splitting it up into manageable pieces, and making sure you know what is necessary to happen so that each stage is achievable. When setbacks occur, and they will, we reflect on the situation and examine the next step together. Working on your goals in this way helps you achieve your true goals and more.

Strengths REdiscovery Coaching

You have been out of the job market for years, and now it’s time to start applying for work again, but it’s a whole new world out there, and recruitment techniques have really changed. Your job applications have to tick all the boxes before you even get a letter asking you to fill in the recruitment online personality survey. At times like these it can be really hard to name your strengths, or recall what you excelled at in a previous job. Sometimes you do not realise that what you feel is commonplace and normal is extraordinary to others. Feeling like this makes it hard to sell yourself into your next job, to present yourself effectively in your CV and LinkedIn profile. I have several ways to help you rediscover your strengths and present them both on your CV and also in interview. I use the STAR approach to dig into work and personal situations to find the times you really excelled, and utilised your own unique strengths and skills set.

Personal Branding Coaching

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? The exercises I use in personal branding coaching really help you to name the reason WHY you love to do what you do and how it fits your personality. I use these exercises with both business owners and job seekers. You will find they help you focus on what inspires you and what you are passionate about. The benefit to you as an entrepreneur is that you can show potential customers how your product or service is unique. The benefit to you as a job seeker is that you can focus your job search and look for meaningful work, rather than taking a job just because it pays the bills,