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Why I coach

I coach because working with people gives me an enormous jolt of positive energy. I love to support my clients successfully through periods of change, and it is an honour to experience a small portion of their journey through life with them.

Why choose me?

I want to help you gain insight into your current situation, and make the best choices. I am not afraid to challenge you to help you grow past the limits you set yourself. I want you to find your Why!

What I bring to my coaching

My work experience

I have had twenty years of international work experience in corporate finance, working in the global consolidation team of DHL International and accounting geeks will understand when I say I still get a secret thrill when working in excel or building a trial balance. I have also had almost ten years of experience running my own business with all the highs and lows, successes and setbacks that entails. Knowboundaries coaching was set up in 2007 and I too, have experienced the frustration of trying to attract clients; the desire to have even one client, never mind enough clients; the uncertainty about setting prices, and asking for clients to pay me for my valuable skills. I want my support and my business experience help you to succeed.

My qualifications

I found that understanding of how people communicate and build relationships developed naturally as I worked in the multicultural environment of Amsterdam for the last 30 years, and this is underpinned by my BSc in Psychology from the Open University in the UK and my coach/counselling diploma from the Nederlands Academie voor Psychotherapie. I am also a certified equine assisted coach. I have been fascinated by horses since I was a child and for the past few years have spent most of my recreational time around them. I decided to train as an equine assisted coach and combine my two loves, coaching and horses, in my work. All three of my qualifications help me to help you grow and develop.

My intuitive style

In my final exam at the NAvP I was asked to answer the question “what makes a good coach” and my answer was intuition because no matter how highly qualified I am, or how many coaching tools I can bring into a session, I can only be a good coach when I feel the underlying emotions that are holding you back.

Who supports me?

My family

I could not do what I do without the support of my lovely husband, we have been together for 30 odd (very odd) years, and finally decided to get married in 2014. I also cherish every moment of the time I have with my now grown up daughter. To me, it seems like only yesterday we were picking her up from child care and taking her to swimming lessons; these days we are waving her off on holidays with friends and seeing her through university. These are my two rocks, my greatest blessings and my reason for being.