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I work with many clients helping them to prepare fully for important business meetings or interviews:

Here are what a couple of them had to say after working with me on their preparation for important meetings. Both clients wrote to me after their meetings, to let me know how it went, and I know that they will not mind me publishing a part of their messages to me.

Jane was a fantastic help in my preparation for an important Skype meeting. Despite short notice she had prepared relevant and well thought out questions and gave me the confidence needed to make it a success.

N.M. The Netherlands

Waar ik veel aan gehad heb dat is, naast al je tips natuurlijk, om nog even naar het meest actuele nieuws over de organisatie te kijken. Dat stond op de website. Aan het einde wilde de directeur mij daarop wijzen, maar kon ik hem meedelen dat ik het al gelezen had, fijn, dat was een leuke uitwisseling!

A.S. The Netherlands

I really enjoyed working with these clients on their specific sessions, Preparing their material was helped by my pre-knowledge of them and their situation, and in the session itself we were able to bring the focus right to where it mattered. I was really excited to hear that after our work together their meetings were both sucessful.

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