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NJF_1346New Year’s Resolutions, Everyone is talking about them, whether they made any, whether you should make any, when will you break them? This post is for those of you who don’t even try to commit to a new challenge because of your fear of failure.

Typically, a new year resolution fall into 2 categories. You have the vague plans: like lose weight, or live healthier, or have less stress. Or you have the concrete goals; learn a new language, run your first marathon, find a new job. If you have fear of failure, then, whether the resolution is vague or concrete you will feel like you are not able to achieve it.

I know, it sucks if you try something and fail. Failure knocks your confidence, and you can lose so much, money, status, respect, you name it, there are many reasons not to take these risks. But what happens when you avoid the commitment is you replace the feeling of failure with the feeling of regret, of letting yourself down. That in itself saps your confidence and leaves you feeling even less competent than you did before.

There is another way.

I have developed a new Equine assisted coaching program to help clients overcome this fear of failure and achieve a concrete goal. So if you want to move forward from where you are stuck – why not give it a go? It could be the one new year’s resolution you will not break!