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The overconfident communicator described in the previous post can only be successful if there is someone who cooperates fully with them. Being cooperative is a very valuable skill, work tasks run smoothly and relationships are harmonious. When there is a threat of conflict, cooperation maintains good relationships, even if tempers become frayed.
But always saying “Yes Boss” won’t keep everyone happy all the time. Giving in to the demands of others leads to an unequal relationship. That confident go-getter will walk all over you and the only one who suffers is you. If you do not have the confidence to express your opinion, ask for what you want, and negotiate practical solutions to problems affecting you, your feelings of frustration and resentment will generate your own internal conflict.
Saturday, March 12, we are giving a workshop at the ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam.
“Say it with Confidence” gives a multitude of tips to enhance your verbal and non verbal communication skills, and shows you how to negotiate successfully. Why don’t you join us!