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So you’ve had a LinkedIn profile for years, and never really thought about it. But now you are looking for new opportunities and its time to add power to your LI profile.

Have you ever really thought about the impact of your profile to someone seeing it for the first time?

You know they see your photo and your current job title. But now is the time to remember that depending how searchers use the function, LI in provides much information from your full profile. The basic summary consists of:

  • whether you are a 1st, 2nd or 3rd level connection
  • the number of shared connections you have
  • your geographical area and the industrial branch
  • and a connect or inmail button.

However, if they add different search criteria, they will see much more. so isn’t it time you put more power into this summary? Here are three essential tips to start you off.

Tip 1 – Add a good photo of yourself.

Of course you want to use a professional looking photo, and one which portrays your professional image. But here are a few points to remember:

    • Its preferable to have a headshot portrait so your contacts recognise you.
    • Make sure its current. If you have a radical change of hairstyle upload a new photo.
    • Make sure people can see your smile.
    • Keep it professional – don’t post a picture of you and your cat, or your baby, keep that for Facebook. On the other hand, if your profession involves an essential tool which is instantly recognisable see if you can add that into the photo. Think about a football coach holding a football, or a construction site engineer in a hard hat for example.

Tip 2 – Headline

Along with your photo and job title this is the first thing people on LI see when they are searching for a connection.

Its surprising to me how many people do not maximise the impact of this part of their profile. You have 120 characters to highlight your key professional strengths, or the core service you provide. to make that impact:

Tip 3 – Show the name of your company websites.

I so often see a profile summary and where is says Website there is a list like this:

  • Company website
  • Company website
  • Blog

This does not encourage me to click on the link, for all I know it will take me to a sales page for water coolers you are selling from your garage, or a blog about your cat.

Give clear links to your company websites by:

Go to

“edit profile”. Then edit website. go to additional information and change “company website” To “other”

and add your company name. click on the button “save changes”

These three tips are the start of a new, more engaging LI Profile, and hopefully a step on the way to success in your job hunt.