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A career coach can be a great help to someone at a crossroads in their career or someone facing new career challenges. Taking the step to invest in yourself by choosing career coaching can be the best investment you can make. However, there is no denying that career coaching comes at a considerable cost, and it would be great to get at least some of that investment back in hard cash. So let’s list five ways you are able to do this.

1                     Ask your company to pay.

It is in the best interest of a company to keep its best and brightest talent, and many companies have a set budget for executive coaching. If you feel this is the route for you, make it your business to research your company policy on this, find out their requirements and restrictions. Make sure you know how and when your company set their HR budget; if budgets are signed off in October for the following year, then you will be disappointed if you ask for coaching in November during your appraisal. Many companies work with a pool of approved coaches, but if you find a coach you would like to work with this does not have to be a barrier.

2                     Get the cost back as a reduction of tax.

In the Netherlands it is still possible to claim career development coaching and training as a tax deductible expense against your gross earnings on your annual income tax return. Currently, there is a threshold of €250 and anything above that amount is allowed as deductible. This tax benefit is scheduled to stop at the end of 2017, so maybe this is the perfect time to hire a career coach.

3                     Claim the expense (and the BTW) on your business.

Who said you can only have career coaching when you are a salaried employee? Thinking of starting your own business, or looking for a sparring partner to help you focus and develop your product or service? Career coaching is a legitimate business expense, to be offset against revenue, and of course as you are registered at the KvK you can also reclaim the BTW.

4                     Get the most out of your redundancy package.

Redundancy is really tough, please believe that it’s not you that has become redundant; it’s the role you had within the company that is no longer needed. Make sure you understand exactly what is on offer within your redundancy package; what your company is prepared to pay for; and what services will best suit your needs.

5                     There is free coaching available

Empower Amsterdam was founded to provide free professional coaching and  training to unemployed people in Amsterdam who feel it is difficult to access the services provided by the UVW. You can contact them through their website

So with all these options, 2017 is your year for personal and professional growth, get in touch with me to book your first free focus session here and see what we can achieve together.