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This post is for you whether you have a start up business or an existing business that needs a social media strategy. You may have become social media savvy when friending people on facebook and swapping holiday snaps with relatives, but social media becomes a maze when you want to employ it usefully for your business. So take these five tips as a starting point for building your company’s social media strategy.

Tip 1 – Don’t just copy your website home page in your social media bio

Give people a reason to visit your facebook page or follow you on twitter – offer a distinct product or set of information there that they cannot find anywhere else.

Tip 2 – Start by listening

Join internet discussion groups, but begin by listening to the participants, answer their queries, begin one-on-one dialogues. Social media gives the you the chance to reach out to your audience personally.  Take your prospects seriously, and don’t ignore their needs and wants.

Tip 3 – Give your brand a face

Take care that your clients can connect you as a person with the brand you are developing. Use your own name and photograph on twitter, for instance, rather than your company name and logo.

Tip 4 – Be relevant.

Do not share content that your prospects have no interest in. First find out what they want . Only once you know what they need can you tailor your content and share it with them.

Tip 5 – Be honest and authentic

Build trust. Prospects can find out everything about you in a few clicks of their mouse, so make sure you are open and your actions reflect the image you are building on social media.

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