ulo without stephen

It feels like its been raining for ever, and around the stables its muddy and damp. Battling through the code orange gale on Monday just to take a wheelbarrow of hay to the horses was an elemental challenge. Who would want to work out their coaching themes here at this time of the year?

But yesterday I was working with someone who said afterwards that being around horses always raised her mood, and I quite agree. It’s a proven fact that even grooming a horse and stroking them can raise your serotonin levels, (the so called happiness hormone). A boost like that can empower you to tackle tasks you have been putting off, procrastinating about, and take the first steps in a new direction.

In these dark days of winter, we don’t have the chance to spend much time in the daylight, but I always work with clients around midday, and even though we are working in the indoor arena, its filled with natural light, and its dry, too. Now I am not saying that being exposed to natural light for around 90 minutes is going to boost your vitamin D levels significantly, but it’s another way to boost your mood and help energise you.

That code orange storm pretty much took my breath away. It was probably too much fresh air, but once it died down, you kind of remember all the benefits of being out of the city and breathing the fresh air of the countryside. It clears your head, gives you room to think and focus, clients tell me that the “chatter” dies down. Working with the horses does bring you into the present.

And finally the physical act or working with a horse, moving through your coaching themes, being conscious of your whole body, and not just your mind, is a benefit of equine assisted coaching at any time of the year. Whether the themes you want to work on are raising your confidence levels at work or in your business, learning new ways of communicating in difficult situations, or becoming empowered to take leadership in a situation, equine assisted coaching works all year round.

So don’t hold back until the weather improves to start working on those blocks that are holding you, your career or your business back, get in touch and book your Equine Assisted Coaching course, raise your energy levels and sharpen your focus.