Its a romantic notion that Mother’s Day is a time for children to show how much they value their mothers. there is a lot of advertising messages telling children to make breakfast for mommy, give her flowers, chocolates and treat her to a day off. The same messages raise every poor mommy’s expectations way above reality!

Did anyone ask me what I want on Mothers Day? No.

Over the years I have woken early, but had to stay in bed listening to distressing sounds from the kitchen as the toast burns and the scrambled eggs set onto the pan.

Darling daughter arrives in the bedroom a hour and a half later, with supporting act –  Daddy. A breakast tray is presented, which has to be balanced on my knees, and eaten without getting crumbs on the bedsheets.

The flowers and chocolates are handed over, along with some “interesting” handicrafts, created with the help of teacher. (really, does she not have kids of her own? does she not go through the angst I go through wondering when or whether I can ditch these offerings?)

I love the idea of being treated by my family, but its time to address the reality. When the toast burns, and the eggs set on – its up to Daddy to clear it up – not Mommy! When Mommy is waiting that hour and a half for her breakfast, its up to Daddy to sneak a coffee to mommy so she can cope with the wait!

And getting around to Daddy…. This is the only day of the year when you have to step up to the plate, accept responsibility, and take control. Why don’t you do it the way I would have done? How can you forget that your three year old needs to be guided in how Mothers Day goes – or that your six year old needs time to choose a present for their mother, not go to the shops at 5.30 on the saturday afternoon, when there is nothing left on the shelves.

Or is it my fault after all? I run everything, and it all goes like clockwork. But why should I consider Daddy’s methods to be somehow wrong? The most important part of Mothers Day, is to allow the people I care about the most to make mistakes, and love them anyway. After all, they have been doing that with me all year.