Make sure your posts are noticed and read! Did you know that people consume internet content fast and your blog post is viewed for as little as 3 seconds before the reader moves on to the next item in their twitter stream or their newsfeed.

Here are five ways to grab attention:

  1. Chose a great title. It should be catchy, and not too long.
  2. Directly under the title add a really good photo which ties into the post. You can find images by doing a image search on google, or take one with your phone.
  3. Make sure you label the photo and add the URL link to your blog post when you embed it into the post, that way there is yet another link for people to follow back to your website.
  4. Add social sharing buttons to your blog – so readers can share what they like with others.
  5. Create catchy categories so people can easily search your blog for more similar content.

Always remember that the aim of your business blog is to drive visitors to your website, and eventually convert those visitor numbers into clients, customers, or cash!

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