I have always loved blogging, and have run several blogs over the years. For a long time I only blogged about family matters to friends and family with no thought to use it in my business, but it was an incredible apprenticeship for my business blogs which came later.

The secret to good content is to engage the reader, and keep them interested to the end of piece. Start with a title that grabs them, but add value to that by making it a title which is easily searchable. That’s why the list titles are always popular: “five steps to a cleaner house” will get more hits than “a good housework plan”   

So your readers have clicked onto your blog, and they are really interested in those 5 steps: so the content needs deliver what it promises. Make sure your blog post addresses your clients problems, and gives useful tips to help them achieve their goal of a clean house. Stick to the point in your post and don’t wander off the topic. Its interesting to throw in a little aside, such as

Step 3 – clear all the surfaces in the living room daily to avoid the coffee table becoming a dumping ground for school books and discarded junk mail, or the pieces of the motor bike my husband is restoring.

Do not go on then to disclose your husbands messy habits to the world and his grandmother. Your readers have already got the picture.

End the blog post with something your readers can action, but try to avoid a hard sell. In fact there is a sort of rule where 80% of your blog posts should be just that, informative, interesting posts with perhaps an invitation to add a comment. The other 20% can be used to promote your products, (which in a blog about housework could be a cleaning product or tool!) and ask readers to subscribe to your blog.

Finally, enjoy the process of writing! If you get writers block, or you have no idea where to go next with your blog posts, listen to the comments you receive on your blog, and about your blog, check out other blogs for inspiration, and ask yourself what do you feel like writing about?