I had a good rythme going with my blog posts, one or two a week, a few with pictures, the topics flowed easily and I got a kick out of writing them!

I had good intentions to keep blogging through the summer, and in fact no real distractions as we are not away on holiday yet and I did not have to prepare a bunch of posts to run automatically. So what happened? here are a few reasons why I did not add anything to my blog over the last weeks.

  1. Contact with colleagues dried up – it may sound strange to you – as writing is by its nature solitary, but as my fellow coaches went on holiday my talks with them dried up and inspiration failed. I did not know I used your ideas so often, guys!
  2. It was too hot – yes we have had hot days here in Noord Holland – and when its hot the urge to sit behind the computer fails me – especially in the afternoon when I have to pull down the blinds to block the sun from my office.
  3. It was too wet – as the rain fell, it seemed to wash the inspiration right out of me!
  4. School ended and my time has been taken up ferrying my daughter here and there.
  5. My daughter went away to visit a friend in Zeeland for a few days, and I needed to look after our pony.
  6. My daughter went away to visit a friend in zeeland for a few days and I needed to socialise with my friends.
  7. My daughter came back from Zeeland went away with her pony for a week to pony camp and with no daughter or pony I felt bereft!
  8. Having no daughter or pony meant I threw myself into gardening tasks.
  9. Having no daughter or pony meant I cleaned the house from top to bottom.
  10. having got back daughter and pony I can procrastinate no longer and need to get back into a rythme!

Here’s hoping this works. oh and I am not co-dependent on my daughter, or her pony, I’m not, I’m not!

10 reasons