Sizzling! What to do with a dilemma!

When its hot and muggy, one part of me wants to lie in a cool shady spot and drink iced water; whilst another part of me feels the need to experience this heat to the utmost. Summers here are not long enough to make you forget how winter weather freezes water pipes and make driving hazardous.

How do I solve this dilemma? I get up early, and before the heat builds I can get as much work done as possible, then I treat myself to my cool shady spot during the hot afternoon, taking a siesta until the evening. Continue reading

5 quick steps to your first facebook fanpage

There has been much written about the benefits of FaceBook fanpages, and the reasons you should have one as a small business owner. You hear great things from friends who are working their social media magic through their FaceBook pages and of course you know what the pages look like because you are constantly being asked to “like”this page or that. Continue reading

Essential leadership skills: Empathy

I read a great article today on three different types of empathy  and why empathy is a leadership skill worth developing: you can read the full article here

It brought to mind a training I developed a few years ago for volunteer telephone help desk workers. As a volunteer role this task could be very challenging. There was an uncertainty about each new call, as many callers were simply looking for information, but you never knew when someone in the middle of a crisis situation would ring. Continue reading

What are you worth?

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it” ~ Henry David Thoreau

I have met many wonderful people in my focus sessions. Each person is individual, they bring different dilemma’s to the meeting, but many are working very hard to create a freelance career as well as meeting family commitments.

One theme that predominated was a chronic shortage of money as they agreed contracts with low hourly rates, or which involved more work than they had estimated. Continue reading

Empower yourself – create a space to work!
I introduced free focus sessions in July, and I have met some wonderful people. Everyone I met was different, and had different dreams, but one common theme occurred, that I think deserves studying more deeply. Many people felt that they had a chronic lack of time to pursue their own dreams while looking after small children, managing the household and working. Continue reading